Breathwork with Nora

Breathwork with Nora

3 Feel-Better Tricks with Yoga & Meditation Teacher ⁠@nora.corinacorina

💨 BREATH Focusing on your breath and changing its pattern is the easiest way to make you feel better. Your breath can bring your more calmness and ease if that´s what you need right. But it can also energize and recharge you if you feel a bit tired or unmotivated. For inner peace and calmness count your Inhale to 4 and lengthen the Exhale to an 8 count. To recharge do the opposite and build your Inhale to an 8 count while exhaling for 4 counts.⁠

✨ MEDITATION Meditation is a great tool for inner balance and to feel connected to something bigger than you. And it really doesn´t have to be complicated. Actually, the simpler the better. This one can be practiced wherever you are. Just make sure you can sit in an upright position with a long spine, relaxed shoulders, and your chin parallel to the floor. Begin by closing your eyes and observing your breath. Let your breath flow effortlessly and be a quiet observer without changing anything. After a while, become aware of the gap after your exhale. Let yourself be drawn more and more into that gap and allow it to lengthen if it feels good. You can sit in this meditation for as long as you like. When you are ready to come back slightly deepen your breath and then slowly open your eyes.⁠

🪐GRATITUDE Practicing gratitude is the ultimate feel-good advice as it makes us happier and attracts more well-being the more we practice it. This is shown by various studies in Positive Psychology. Begin to establish a gratitude routine by journaling every day 3 things that you are grateful for today.⁠

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