Healthy Guide August

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August Healthy Guide

Dr. Adrian Weingart

August Healthy Guide

Good times and tan lines - Especially in summer it is important to properly care for the skin and protect it from the sun. That's why this summer Healthy Guide issue is all about skin!

We explain the effects of UV rays on your body and give you tips on the right skin care. We interviewed Mareike from Naturkosmetik Munich and tried to elicit her secrets for radiantly beautiful and well-groomed skin. You're probably wondering now - what does mybacs have to do with the topic of skin? The two organs have one thing in common – they are overrun with microorganisms. If the intestine is bad, it has a negative effect on the skin. Here you can find out what effects intestinal problems have on the skin and get an insight into the world of the skin microbiome.

You will see that the right skin care is not that difficult - see for yourself!