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Healthy Guide Special Edition - Men

Dr. Adrian Weingart

Healthy Guide Special Edition - Men

Men also deserve special attention - because not only the female body is incredibly complex and goes through different phases over the years. Yes, men are affected by hormonal imbalances, infertility and fitness pressures too. Men are often more relaxed about taboo subjects such as going to the toilet. The ancient Romans, for example, were known to sit communally on the latrine. But one should not be deceived, because even in the male world, taboo topics such as those listed above are rarely addressed. That's why we're doing it now!

Here you will find out how to build muscle successfully and healthily and how closely this is connected to the microbiome. Here we go into the decisive hormones and tell you a super delicious "high protein" recipe so that you are supplied with all the "good stuff" during physical exertion! Furthermore, we have provided you with 6 valuable tips to avoid suffering from sore muscles. In particular, the taboo subject of fertility and sperm quality is addressed in this special issue. Luckily, the sense of humor is not lost and we uncover funky semen facts that you are guaranteed not to have heard of! Our issue would not be complete without a solution through proper nutrition. We've listed the quintessential "super-sperm" foods that can maintain or improve sperm quality. If you have never heard of the so-called "andropause" or want to know more about it, you've come to the right place. Male menopause also exists and even 50% of men feel the symptoms in old age.

Now immerse yourself in the complex world of men, which is actually teeming with taboo subjects.