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Healthy Guide Special Edition - Women

Dr. Adrian Weingart

Healthy Guide Special Edition - Women

I am a woman and what's your superpower? The superpower of the female body will be shown to you again in this special guide! We explain the different cycle phases and how the period can affect digestion. Because, as most probably know, periods rarely knock on the door without some unwanted digestive companions. Of course, the right tips for supporting nutrition should not be missing. Here you will find out specifically which foods you can, or even should, eat at which phase of the cycle to prevent problems and give your girl power an extra boost. We also go into the foods that you should rather avoid and tell you a super delicious “soul food” recipe that is guaranteed to keep you happy! ;)

Furthermore, this special issue deals with the subject of hormones, specifically in connection with the pill and the menopause. Here, too, we provide you with tips to support your body during such hormone rollercoaster rides! You will learn e.g. B. how to fight stress, mood swings and sudden weight gain during menopause. In addition, the popular topics of skin and beauty are of course not missing in this women's power edition!

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the fascinating, complex world of unique WOMEN. #girlpower