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Mentally letting go for your feel-good weight

Kira Bofinger

Mentally letting go for your feel-good weight

Who doesn't know it? The "bikini figure" is calling and the "roll of fat" just doesn't want to give way. You've tried everything possible, tried to stick to all diets in a disciplined manner and yet you don't lose the kilos that easily or. not sustainable.

As a holistic personality coach, I, Miriam from BEST YOU, would like to take a holistic look at the topic of "weight loss" and "metabolism" with you. Some of my coaching clients complain about weight fluctuations or that they just can't lose weight. We often find the key to optimal metabolism and fat burning in the subconscious. As soon as a subconscious topic, a fear or a blockage has been resolved, the love handles can also give way. Then you allow your body to let go of “it”.

I would like to address several aspects in my contribution:

  • What does losing weight have to do with balance?
  • What does it mean to let go of deep-seated issues, beliefs or fears?
  • What questions can I ask myself about this?

Let's imagine a scale. If there is more on one side than the other, there is no balance. It's the same with us personally. If we eat more food than we metabolize, we gain weight. But that also applies mentally.

You can therefore ask yourself the following questions in order to be able to lose weight permanently. When do you actually eat more than you use up in terms of energy resources in everyday life? Where do you absorb more information than you can mentally / mentally process? What responsibility do you take on that may not belong to you at all or where you can't make a decision at all? When do you try to serve "God and the world" and lose yourself and your own good in the process?

We can learn to let go. What has accumulated in us over the years through past experiences and adventures? What extra weight do we carry around with you? Often it is about feelings of guilt, resentment against a person, past painful experiences that trigger a constant carousel of thoughts in us, negativity or even deep-seated fears. What has accumulated? Some things we are not aware of – we are not used to it any differently, so to speak.

But what is clear is that it triggers stress in us, which has a subconscious effect on our body. What happens in our body when we are stressed? Simply explained, our system sets the switch to "fight-flight mode" in order to be able to get out of a dangerous situation quickly. For this, our body activates the so-called sympathetic nervous system, which u.a intestinal movement is reduced. The body only focuses on the personal metabolism when it is in a state of relaxation (active parasympathetic nervous system).

So when our system is constantly under "subconscious stress", the body stores the energy provided to cope with stress (actually fight or flight) in our fat stores because we don't use it up through excessive exercise.

Now the question naturally arises: "How do I find my subconscious stressors?"

The first step is always perception. Start reflecting and ask yourself the following questions:

Where am I in the resistance?


When am I against life as it is?


What situation can I not accept?


Who am I unable to forgive? Do I not forgive myself in some places?


We always carry this resistance around with us and it weighs on us. So start doing self-reflection. Here the rule applies: notice, brake, do better.