Meditation Urlaub Seele

Mindful vacation for the soul

No esotericism...

You think meditation is only for esoterics? Then we want to teach you otherwise. The fact is that mental and physical health are closely linked. Mental illnesses can manifest illnesses in the body, while physical illnesses can also cause psychological problems. After just a few hours, meditation has a noticeable effect on the psyche - less susceptibility to stress and a feeling of inner peace and balance. This in turn affects physical mechanisms such as blood pressure, the immune system or cholesterol levels.

Even science confirms

Neuroscientists have examined and measured these noticeable effects in various studies. With the help of imaging methods such as magnetic resonance imaging, the neurobiological effects of meditation exercises on brain activity and brain structure were made visible. It turned out that we can actually change our brain and personality through meditation and mindfulness. A guided meditation can work wonders. So how about a mindful holiday for the mind accompanied by a guided meditation? Retreat to a nice, quiet place, make yourself comfortable and simply switch off with Gloria Gaertig's mindfulness meditation.
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