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Dr. Adrian Weingart


Episode 1 - Bacteria circus - The acrobats in our gut

Our first episode of the podcast Better Inputs - Better Outputs is about the functions of our gut and the microbiome. As a guest we have physician Adrian Weingart, who is responsible for product development at mybacs. Weingart has a double degree in medicine and dentistry from the Technical University of Munich and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Minute 1-5: Facts about the intestine, how it works and the development and function of the microbiome.
Minute 6-10: The connection between diet, gut and physical and mental health. The production of endorphins and digestion.
Minute 11-15: What types of bacteria are there? What are good and bad bacteria? What are probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics - the fuels of our digestive tract.
Minute 16-20: What is it about "natural" probiotics from fermented foods and what are their advantages and disadvantages compared to industrial products like those from mybacs?
Minute 21-25: What do I have to consider when choosing a probiotic? What is meant by the colony-forming units - "KBEs" for short?
Minute 26-30: What do I get from probiotics and can I do anything wrong when taking them?


In our podcast we talk about topics nobody wants to talk about. Most of you may know it from your everyday life: intolerances, digestive problems or flatulence. The intestinal flora is important for digestion, defense against germs and toxins and strengthening the immune system. Everything is controlled by the composition of bacteria...no wonder that they are not only on everyone's lips at the moment, but are also the subject of current research. But where does all this come from and is there a chance of improvement? Current research results nurture hopes of being able to modulate the intestinal flora in a targeted manner via nutrition and via probiotics and prebiotics in the future. We regularly talk to scientists, doctors and those affected about intestinal health, the microbiome, intestinal flora and probiotics.

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