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How is the price of our products made up?

Dr. Adrian Weingart

How is the price of our products made up?

You ask, we answer: With this keyword we want to shed some light into the darkness and, true to our brand promise, ensure more transparency. The price and composition is one of the best kept secrets in most companies. But we want to let you look behind the scenes and show you what we value and what is important to us in our products. We want to show you why our products seem a little more expensive at first glance than maybe a product from the drugstore or pharmacy. But we are firmly convinced that they are worth every euro. Many factors play an important role for us, such as sustainability, our selected ingredients and our partners. In this article you will learn how the prices for our products are determined and why we actively choose them despite the higher costs.

  1. We develop our products ourselves
    Our products are not white label products. white label? What is this exactly? These are products or formulations that a (usually little known) white label manufacturer develops and produces in large quantities. Other brands can source these formulations and then sell them under their own branding and logo. As a result, there is a large amount of probiotic products available on the market that differ only in their marketing. In this way, some companies save themselves the development costs and sell the products of another manufacturer under their name. This can result in companies selling dietary supplements without having any real expertise in the products. In addition, the products or formulations from white label manufacturers are often of lower quality in terms of the selection and dosage of the bacterial strains. Some of the formulations are also years or even decades old and have not been adapted to the latest scientific knowledge since then.

    mybacs does it differently. Our development team, consisting of doctors, pharmacists and natural scientists, develops all formulations of our products themselves. They are supported by a specially selected and top-class medical advisory board, which supports us with its many years of experience and competence. If we develop a formulation, it is based on the latest scientific findings and contains ingredients that have been clinically tested for their effectiveness. We keep ourselves informed about the latest study results that affect our products and work on further developing and optimizing our formulations on the basis of this.

    As you can imagine, developing your own product requires significantly more money and resources. But this is the only way to achieve the best possible result for you.

  2. High quality of ingredients and manufacturing
    Our products are developed in Switzerland and produced in Germany and Austria. In this way we guarantee on the one hand a very high quality of the ingredients and the production, but on the other hand also regionality, short transport routes and fair working conditions.

    To give you a better idea of ​​how our prices are made up and how they differ from other providers, we have compared our production costs with those of comparable products. Let's start with the basis of the Dailybacs - the bacterial strains. We only use selected and clinically tested bacterial strains of the highest quality and great variety. If we were to use fewer or cheaper trunks, we could reduce the costs for this by almost 200%. Of course we don't want that, because the good effectiveness of the Dailybacs is based on the selected and high-quality bacterial strains.

    Did you know that we make one of the highest dose synbiotics per capsule you can find on the market right now? In our capsule you will find 60 billion bacteria, made up of eleven different strains. The formulation is rounded off by high-quality minerals, vitamins and plant extracts. So this means that a Dailybacs capsule is loaded with the highest quality ingredients. We obtain the individual ingredients of our products from the leading international manufacturers of probiotic bacterial strains. So you can see that we attach great importance to high-quality ingredients and production - and that has its price.

  3. Sustainable packaging system
    Not only is your well-being important to us, but also nature. This is exactly why we decided to pay attention to the highest quality and sustainability for all of our packaging.

    Considering our sustainable, compostable storage pouch, it is 360% more expensive than comparable plastic packaging.We also pay attention to sustainability and the highest quality when it comes to our storage jars, because protecting the capsules from light and moisture is essential, especially with sensitive products such as synbiotics, in order to be able to guarantee optimal effectiveness even after a long period of time. Our glass jar is not only very stylish, but also particularly sustainable due to reuse, production in Germany and the possibility of recycling.
    We also designed all other components of the packaging in such a way that we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. The packaging box of the starter kit is made from over 80% recycled cardboard, the sizzlepack (our sustainable filling material to protect the capsules and the jar) is made from shredded waste paper and your welcome insert is made from PaperWise - a sustainable paper alternative for which no trees are felled must. Other providers do without these aspects and thus have significantly lower product costs.

    The following example illustrates the difference in price: a manufacturer who does not value sustainable packaging but wants to make it particularly cheap pays around one euro for the entire packaging of its dietary supplements. We, on the other hand, achieve costs of over six euros thanks to our selected materials. Converted, that's a price difference of almost 480%!

  4. Free shipping throughout Europe
    Due to the special interaction of transient and resident bacterial strains, it makes sense to take probiotics continuously over a long period of time. That's why we developed our Dailybacs subscription. You get a new pack of Dailybacs delivered to your home every month. To make the Dailybacs subscription particularly convenient for you, we ship completely free of charge throughout Europe. We'll cover the shipping costs for you!
    As you can now see, all of these measures that we take for you and our environment entail comparatively high costs. We really hope that with this article we were able to shed some light on our pricing and that you can now better imagine how the price of the Dailybacs is determined. In short - good quality has its price - and this is exactly what we place first.

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