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6 tips to start the year well (Part 2)

Dr. Adrian Weingart

6 tips to start the year well (Part 2)

After we have already presented you the part 1, now the second part follows, to let the new year continue healthy and lively.


Debloat Latte

Used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, golden milk is a combination of the powerful spice turmeric, coconut milk and sometimes coconut oil. Black pepper is often added (in small amounts) to increase the bioavailability of the super spice turmeric (ie.H the body's ability to absorb it). Creamy and flavorful, soothing and warm, this delicious drink is more than just a tasty treat. Rich in electrolytes and digestive properties, your body will love every sip.

More on the ingredients:

⁠Benefits of Turmeric: The benefits of turmeric are so pronounced that a scientific study made it out in 2013 found that turmeric is almost too good to be true. The anti-inflammatory spice has "shown therapeutic potential against a range of human diseases," including cancer and may even help with Alzheimer's. Due to its ability to reduce inflammation, turmeric can also help with bloating and indigestion. Some studies have mentioned the root's support in connection with weight loss. Additionally, some empirical evidence has shown that turmeric has antidepressant properties that lead to improved mood, reduced stress, better sleep, and better brain health.⁠
Benefits of Coconut Oil: Similarly, coconut oil may help with digestion and gut health thanks to its antimicrobial properties (which come from good fatty acids).
Benefits of Coconut milk: Did you know that coconut milk can also aid in digestion? It "nourishes the digestive lining" with natural electrolytes and healthy fats that can improve gut health and help with irritable bowel syndrome. Like turmeric, it can reduce inflammation and even help you lose weight if you are overweight.


Introducing healthy habits into a daily routine can have positive effects on your mood, health and overall well-being. A routine is simply a series of actions repeated daily over a period of time. Whether they are good or bad doesn't matter. Over time, these actions become habit and thus become spiritually automated.
Establishing good habits can be easy, so we focus on developing healthy routines:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Organize your day the night before.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Sleep well.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables per day. Each day, write down two things you are grateful for.

As you can see, a healthy routine can also lie in the small and simple things that contribute significantly to general well-being.


New year, new resolutions - Like every year, we make new resolutions, but we don't always stick to them. In order to really achieve these goals, the following things are important:

  • Defining goals
  • Visualize targets
  • Subdivide targets
  • Avoid distractions

It's easier to work towards a specific goal than to break a habit without replacing it. Therefore, you should formulate your goals as specifically as possible. In this way, you quickly realize what exactly you want to achieve. The goal becomes more tangible and you get closer to implementation. In order to achieve the goals you have set, they should also be realistic, because even a small goal can motivate you to take a further step. A big goal that cannot be reached can be frustrating and demotivating. There is a danger of simply throwing in the towel.
Every beginning is difficult, but once you get into the rhythm, it runs like clockwork. It is important to avoid negative distractions because they prevent you from achieving your goals. It is best to surround yourself with only positive energy and to eliminate stressful, distracting factors as much as possible. In the end, no matter what goal you have set yourself, big or small, you should be proud of what you have achieved!


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