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The Radiant Glow AddOns

Dr. Adrian Weingart

The Radiant Glow AddOns


The Dailybacs specialize in your microbiome to increase your daily well-being and create a strong foundation for your health. We are now going one step further and enable you to respond even more specifically to your needs with our AddOns - as a perfect synergy with your Dailybacs.
By strengthening your intestinal microbiome, our Dailybacs form a healthy basis and thus a basic health system for your body. This is already reflected in the improvement of skin, mood and immune system when taking Dailybacs. They create an optimal basis for a maximized and effective absorption of the add-ons. This allows the high-quality ingredients to penetrate your deep-seated cell structures and unfold their effect. This can prevent the body from simply excreting them again.
Now you can upgrade your daily intake ritual again! Our AddOns are carefully curated formulas based on extensive research and our best example: nature. With their three fields of action, they encompass and support the balance of your external beauty, mood and immunity. For everyone and at any time, individually combinable. Our AddOns harmonize in any combination and contribute to even more well-being.
In this way, the ingredients can target your desired area from the inside out and support you with an extra boost - as a perfect addition to your Dailybacs.


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You already have an active Dailybacs subscription?

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If you have any questions, contact our customer support at any time. We are happy to help!


Our addons are optimized to your needs through extensive research and superior bioavailability*. It is important to us to inform you about the selected ingredients and effects, because there is enough ambiguity in the unmanageable world of dietary supplements. We only use the best quality, natural components, produced sustainably and regionally. Find out more in our Nutrients Guide.
*What the hell is bioavailability? The bioavailability describes what percentage of a nutrient or active ingredient really arrives in the organism and can work there.

We are inspired by nature - 100% natural and chemical-free

Man is, so to speak, a reflection of nature - because our body is also an ecosystem consisting of a symbiosis of trillions of small microorganisms. We want to combine the best systems and for you the most valuable complexes of nature in one capsule and transfer them to your body ecosystem. Our ingredients are 100% natural, free from chemicals and unnecessary fillers.


Nurture and hydrate your skin, hair and nails from within!


  • dose: 1 capsule per day together with your Dailybacs + optional additional add-ons
  • When? Daily intake can be flexibly taken at any time of the day, ideally in the morning for maximum absorption.
  • How? Swallow the capsule with enough liquid.

It is well known that beauty comes from within. This also means the underlying structures of our skin, hair and nails. Our skin is like a cocoon that protects our entire interior. Only our skin comes into direct contact with the outside world and is therefore also exposed to everyday environmental influences. Pollution, fine dust particles, UV radiation, stress, an unbalanced diet and the wrong care products can damage our skin cells and cause side effects such as dryness, redness, eczema, acne or even premature skin aging. In order to prevent these consequences as best as possible and to even out any unevenness, we have developed a formula for your "Radiant Glow" based on scientific research. A perfect combination of antioxidants, superfoods and vitamins to let your beauty shine - from the inside out.Specially selected nutrients ensure healthy elasticity, strength and glow through moisturizing and antioxidant properties. A balanced intestinal microbiome and high bioavailability of the component support the absorption of the essential nutrients contained.

RADIANT GLOW - What does that actually mean?

  • Direct translation: “light up”.
  • mybac's translation: “a positive transformation or metamorphosis on a physical but also on an emotional level.”


Transparency is important to us. Not only do we attach importance to disclosing our exact ingredients, but also to making their background and effects understandable for every non-medical person. After all, everyone deserves to know exactly what is going into their body - with our Radiant Glow AddOn, only pure, natural beauty is guaranteed to flow into you. What is inside?

  • Millet extract - to strengthen hair and promote hair growth
  • Hyaluronic acid - for the ability to regenerate, natural elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Blueberry extract - to protect the cells from harmful influences (oxidative stress) and stimulate the skin's own collagen production
  • Zinc - for the formation and maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails
  • selenium - to maintain normal hair and nails and to protect cells from harmful influences (oxidative stress)
  • Copper - for collagen formation and melanin synthesis (pigmentation of skin and hair)
  • Vitamin B5 - for calming, regeneration of damaged skin cells and for a restful beauty sleep (melatonin synthesis)
  • Active folate - to support cell division and growth processes in the body
  • Biotin - to maintain healthy skin and hair (keratin production) and to develop blood cells, sebaceous glands and nerve tissue
For more information on the background, chemical composition and effects of these ingredients, see our Nutrients Guide. We have summarized the most important and unique ingredients of our "Radiant Glow AddOns" for you here:


1. Hyaluronic acid - moisturizing, firming, anti-aging

Hyaluronic acid is a multiple sugar (polysaccharide), which occurs almost everywhere as a natural component of the human body. This is why there are almost never any side effects or allergic reactions. Hyaluronic acid is able to bind large volumes of water and thus forms a gel-like material, which is also of great importance for our joints, for example - it serves as a lubricant and makes our joints resilient.
Fun fact: 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can bind up to 6 liters of water!
It contributes to the skin's natural ability to regenerate and is responsible for the natural elasticity and firmness of the connective tissue responsible - for a radiant and smooth complexion. Basically, hyaluronic acid with its water-binding properties is a pure moisturizer. It doesn't sound all that exciting at first, but as many of you probably know, dry skin is a major contributor to wrinkles and premature aging.
In order to optimally develop its effect, it is paired with plenty of antioxidants in our formulation, which protects the skin from free radicals and also stimulates collagen production - the basic structure for plump skin. The components work in perfect synergy to provide the skin with the necessary "feed" and thus prevent and, if necessary, reduce wrinkles.
Beware of confusion: hyaluronic acid is used, for example, in cosmetic procedures as a "filler" in the form of injections. The ingredient can also be found in various serums and creams to prevent wrinkles and cushion facial structures. However, we much prefer it in capsule form, because problems are best treated at the root in the long term. For this reason, care from the inside also plays an incredibly important role when it comes to beauty. The body can absorb the ingredients directly at the source, the intestine, and use them in a targeted manner. In this way, valuable ingredients are not simply washed off again and you certainly don't need a syringe.

2. Biotin - strengthening, regenerating

Biotin is one of the water-soluble B vitamins. It is a component of enzymes whose specific function is the metabolism of, for example, protein, which serve as the building blocks of your body structures. Biotin promotes hair growth by supporting keratin proteins and thus the maintenance of healthy hair. Keratin is an important component not only for hair and nails, but also for the skin. It contributes to the development of blood cells, sebaceous glands and nerve tissue.

3. Blueberry extract - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, smoothing, collagen boosting

Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) extracts are a valuable source of bioactive plant substances such as provitamin A, vitamin B2 and zinc. The high content of anthocyanins can have a great effect, especially in combination with intestinal bacteria. Anthocyanins have a high antioxidant potential, especially for skin cells. In addition, blueberry extract has the ability to increase the body's own collagen synthesis and help the skin to appear plump. What exactly is collagen? Collagen is a structural protein (protein) and makes up 30% of our body's proteins. It has been proven that collagen peptides maintain your beauty from within, because a strong collagen structure prevents the formation of wrinkles. It is also said to have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on acne, eczema and other skin diseases.

4. Copper - for the extra beauty boost

Even if it may sound surprising at first: copper occurs as a natural mineral in our body. It is an essential trace element that supports energy production, iron utilization, antioxidant defense and synthesis of neurotransmitters and connective tissue.


We also have a few tips for you on how you can also support your beauty from the outside. At least we should start with the “don’ts”, namely which ingredients you should definitely avoid in beauty products!

No Go's in beauty products:

  • Parabens - These hormone-damaging preservatives are found in many products. They are suspected of promoting the development of cancer. Its antimicrobial properties also damage the skin microbiome.
  • INCI designation: propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben
  • Phthalates (emollients) - A growing body of research indicates that the phthalate family of chemicals is harmful to the male reproductive system. Pregnant women should avoid nail polish that contains dibutyl phthalate. In general, products with "fragrances" that indicate a chemical mixture that may contain phthalates should not be used.
  • INCI designation: diethyl phthalate, diethylhexyl phthalate, di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP)
  • Silicones - Silicones make products easier to apply and thus simulate a positive care effect. However, they are chemical compounds that form a film over skin and hair, preventing them from absorbing important nutrients. This leads to internal dehydration.
  • INCI designation: Dimethicone, Trimethicone, Methicone, Amodimethicone, Polysiloxane (ending with "-methicone" and "-siloxane". There are countless variants)
  • Emulsifiers - These ingredients are used to allow a bond between water and oil. Unfortunately, this also causes skin reactions. It damages the skin barrier and makes the important protection against pollutants and toxins more permeable. In addition, they can cause dryness.
  • INCI designation: propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben
  • Fragrances - The term "fragrance" is an acronym for a complex blend of fragrant ingredients and components that ensure a scent stays on the skin. Some ingredients are irritating or allergenic, while others can disrupt the body's endocrine system. Although some advanced companies are beginning to disclose the ingredients in their fragrances, for many products, consumers still don't know exactly what the collective term "fragrance" means.

But now to the "do's", i.e. the things that are definitely good for your beauty!

How about a relaxing facial massage? You can find instructions on how to do this here. It has not been scientifically proven that facial massages reduce wrinkles. However, it is known that gentle massaging stimulates our metabolism and thus stimulates blood circulation. This can be observed, for example, with the popular rose quartz face rollers, for example from Rosental Organics. Daily use leaves the skin wonderfully refreshed. The beauty tool is originally and traditionally used in Chinese medicine.

    1. Start with clean skin. Finish your facial cleansing routine before beginning the massage. For example, clean your skin with a gentle cleanser or oil, then rinse with lukewarm water. Then pat dry with a towel.
    2. Apply a thin layer of facial oil. A little oil will help your fingers glide smoothly over your face instead of "dragging" the skin. It also makes the face look bright and radiant when you're done with the treatment. You can use a blend of oils specifically formulated for the face, or choose a single oil that best suits your skin type. Almond, argan, and jojoba oils all make good facial massage oils that don't clog pores. Argan or almond oil is more suitable for very dry skin. Jojoba oil or a mixture of jojoba and castor oil is recommended for medium to oily skin. For the extra wellness factor, hold the oil bottle under warm water beforehand.
    3. Start massaging your lymphatic area. It is believed that toxins drain from the face to the lymph nodes located under the ears on the sides of the neck. Massaging this area will help release the toxins and prevent them from building up on the face. Use your fingertips to massage the lymphatic area in a circular motion for one minute. Sweep in wide circles from under the ears down to the neck and up along the jawline. Pressure is good, but don't massage too hard. A facial massage differs from a deep tissue massage because the skin on the face is more sensitive.
    4. The sides of your face: Using the same wide, circular motions, massage along the sides of your jaw, past the corners of your mouth, next to your nostrils, and across your cheekbones. Push the skin first up, then outwards; never down as this can lead to sagging. Continue for a minute.
    5. Your forehead: Massage both sides of your forehead at the same time in a wide circular motion. Start near the temples and gradually move your fingers toward the center of the forehead and then back again. Continue for a minute.
    6. Your eye area: Position your fingers at the arch of your eyebrows. Run your fingers around the outer corners of your eyes, moving them gently under your eyes, ending at the inner corners of your eyes. Continue down the sides of your nose and along your eyebrows. Repeat the movement for a minute. Massaging your eye area will help combat puffy eyes.
    7. Finally, massage over each area again to complete the treatment. Your skin should now feel well supplied with blood, “glowy” and relaxed.


    Most people are not aware that our skin is actually an organ and not just any organ, but the largest and fastest growing organ in the human body. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), in every inch of skin there are approximately 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 1.000 or more nerve endings and about 19 million skin cells. Just let that sink in for a moment. The body is a complicated system that is constantly renewing itself: forming new cells and shedding old ones (on a significant scale of about 30.000 to 40.000 per day!). At this rate, the skin you can see and feel on your body now will be gone in about a month. Hard to believe, right?
    That's true too! According to the AAD, skin cells initially appear plump and square. Over time, they migrate to the top of the epidermis, becoming flatter as they do so. Once these cells reach the surface, they begin to flake off.
    Research shows that an estimated 90% of skin aging is caused by sun exposure. This is one of the reasons we strongly encourage you to protect your skin from harmful UV rays no matter the season! In fact, research shows that people who use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily experience 24% less skin aging than those who don't.
    Sun damage builds up on itself, meaning that as we age we get more and more of it and the skin damage deepens. When it comes to using sunscreen and other sun protection measures, the sooner the better. But it's never too late!


You can find out more in our detailed blog post on the topic of the skin microbiome. Have we aroused your interest? Then click here. In our Healthy Guide 08, we also dealt extensively with the topic of skin and intestines. Here you can find out everything about optimal sun protection and the key to perfect skin. We also asked NKM founder Mareike a few questions about her beauty secrets. Find out more here!


Last but not least, a playlist for the right “glow up” mood. #feelingyourself
Whether to accompany your facial massage, cooking or if you want to really let your beauty live out. Also effective when you need a little self-confidence kick! :)

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