Wie Reisen unser Mikrobiom und das Ökosystem der Erde beeinflusst

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How travel affects our microbiome and the Earth's ecosystem

Dr. Adrian Weingart

How travel affects our microbiome and the Earth's ecosystem

Travel allows us to discover new places, learn about other cultures and have unforgettable experiences. We can quickly see that these trips have an influence on us. But do you also realize that as we explore the world, we also directly influence our environment and also our own microbiome?

In this article we take a look at the connections between travel, the microbiome, nature's ecosystem and the importance of sustainable travel.

Changes in the microbiome

Travel leads us to visit new places and explore different environments. Every environment has its own microbiome, be it the soil, water or air. By going to new places, we come into contact with new microorganisms that can affect our own microbiome. Our microbiome is sensitive to environmental changes. For example, exotic bacteria and viruses that we are exposed to when we travel can affect our microbiome. The change in the microorganism community can lead to digestive problems or infections. It is therefore important to practice hygienic measures such as regular hand washing to minimize the transmission of pathogens. Probiotics can also help strengthen your microbiome.

Microplastics and the ecosystems

When we travel, we often unintentionally expose ourselves to microplastics. Cosmetic products, sunscreen and plastic packaging are all potential sources of tiny plastic particles that are released into the environment and can have a significant impact there. These microplastic particles can pollute marine ecosystems and enter the food chain, harming marine life. It is important to use eco-friendly alternatives and reduce our plastic consumption to minimize such impacts.


Sustainable subscriptions and refill systems

Do you already know our sustainable subscription? Above all, our 6-month subscription is particularly sustainable. Why? Since the 6-month delivery cycle saves a lot of packaging material and CO2. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to combating the effects of carbon dioxide on our atmosphere and the climate crisis. However, we at mybacs® are committed to various regeneration projects that support the ecosystems on earth. You see, refill solutions are not only worthwhile if you have your own water bottle with you when you travel, but also with us. You not only save CO2 and packaging material, but also money and support our planet. And always remember, just as the small microorganisms in your body have a big impact, the smallest changes you make can have a big impact on our planet. #missionmicrobiome

By the way: Small change, big impact
Besides avoiding single-use plastics There are other simple steps we can take when traveling to minimize our environmental impact.

  • This includes supporting local, sustainable businesses and respecting natural and cultural heritage sites. By making conscious choices, we can help protect the environment while
  • You can also minimize your energy consumption when travelling. Turn off the lights when you leave the room and only use the air conditioner or heater when absolutely necessary. Conserve water by taking short showers and reusing towels.
  • Dispose of your trash properly and separate it into recycling bins where possible. If you are on a beach or in a nature reserve, take your rubbish with you and leave nothing but footprints.
  • Choose sustainable accommodation whenever possible. Many hotels and accommodations today focus on sustainability, be it through solar power, water recycling or the use of locally sourced food. Ideally, you also support local accommodation directly by booking accommodation in small hotels, inns or bed and breakfasts run by local operators, rather than choosing large hotel chains. This contributes to the local economy and promotes culture.


Can probiotics affect planetary health?

Research shows that probiotics - living microorganisms that can have a positive impact on health - may not only be beneficial to our own microbiome, but also have the potential to support the health of the planet. For example, probiotics could help fight bee mortality by boosting honey bee immunity. Similarly, microbial treatments could be used to prevent coral reef bleaching or improve plant health. Research into such applications is an exciting field that potentially opens up new avenues for promoting microbiome health in humans and nature.


Our travel choices impact our own microbiome and nature's ecosystem. By adopting a sustainable lifestyle when traveling, protecting our health and choosing eco-friendly alternatives, we can help maintain the balance in both ecosystems. Understanding the connections between the microbiome, nature and travel is important to making conscious choices and ultimately creating a symbiotic connection between our own health and the health of the planet.

#Mission microbiome

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