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Scientific breakthrough - lose weight with probiotics

Dr. Adrian Weingart

Scientific breakthrough - lose weight with probiotics

In this article, you will first find out what diets are all about that promise fast weight loss effects and then how effective and sustainable weight loss really is and how bacteria can help you. Small spoiler: mybacs has found a way! Would you like to jump directly to this part of the article? Then you should click here. And if you want to discover the Dietbacs directly, then click directly on the button:

Table of Contents

  1. Intro - Are you in tune with your body?
  2. How effective are diets?
  3. Tips: What should be considered when buying weight loss products?
  4. Influence of cholesterol levels on body weight
  5. Can probiotics and synbiotics help you lose weight?
  6. How do the Dietbacs from mybacs work?
  7. Tips for sustainable weight loss
  8. closing word


Your own body weight in connection with losing weight causes headaches for many people, at least temporarily. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin - whether it's a problem area or the whole body, many would like to lose a few or significantly more kilograms on the scales. Others suffer from serious forms of obesity all their lives and also want a change, at the latest when the treating doctor expresses health concerns. In fact, obesity is a serious health risk. The World Health Organization (WHO for short) even speaks of an epidemic within the European region.(1)
But the body is not a machine whose metabolism changes in a matter of days at the snap of a finger. He needs time to break down excess fat - especially with exercise and the right, healthy diet. That requires patience and perseverance. Not everyone wants to spend that and is therefore looking for effective, quick alternatives to losing weight - a search that can sometimes cause major damage to health and can be dangerous.


Who doesn't know these moments? The extra kilograms that you gained during the vacation or over the holidays, you would like to make disappear again. For an important event, you want to quickly get in shape a few days beforehand. After a long time you finally pull yourself together to get your body in shape again, but you don't feel like exercising 5 times a week and are looking for a less time-consuming alternative.
For many, a diet that promises to “quickly lose 5 kg in 2 weeks” comes in handy. Sounds tempting right? But how healthy is that? As already mentioned, the body is a complex mechanism, and many factors influence its metabolism. There is - so much should be said here in advance - (so far) no remedy that lets the kilos tumble by itself. Most diets that promise rapid weight loss actually don't start with fat loss, but elsewhere: water loss. If you do without food for a longer period of time, the body goes to its own water reserves to get the fluid it needs from there. This can result in weight reduction both visually and on the scales. But this is misleading and can even be dangerous. Because no matter how you want to eat, the body always needs enough water! And the supposedly gone fat is still where it was before.
At this point it should be noted: When we talk about diet in this article, we mean the form of nutrition that means certain dietary changes for a short period of time, such as avoiding carbohydrates or juice cleanses.
A popular form of dieting is the low-carb diet. This promises rapid efficiency by dispensing with carbohydrates. Instead, the focus here is on proteins. With a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet, short-term weight reduction can definitely be observed. However, negative (health) effects can occur in several places:

  1. If the dose of protein is too high, constipation, headaches, cramps or overacidification of the body can occur. The reason for this is often an increased bacterial fermentation of undigested protein in the large intestine and the subsequent bacterial change in the composition of the intestinal microbiome. (2)
  2. The complete renunciation of carbohydrates also means a renunciation of energy for the body. Your own digestion then lacks momentum, for example, which in turn can promote constipation and abdominal pain. This can also mean that important nutrients are no longer fully utilized.
  3. Furthermore, not using a nutrient at all can lead to your body developing an intolerance to this substance. So it can happen that you ultimately react badly to products such as pasta and bread made from wheat dough if you do without carbohydrates.
  4. In general, you should not replace the important nutrients from fresh food with protein powders and snacks. Sooner or later this can lead to unhealthy binge eating and nutrient deficiencies.

Incidentally, the low-carb diet is a good example of the above-mentioned problem with the supposed weight reduction aka. Water retention: If the regular carbohydrate intake is stopped for a short time, the glycogen stores, where the water is normally bound, are emptied as a result. A significant weight loss follows within a few days, which is then incorrectly interpreted as fat burning. You're not actually losing weight with it.
Therefore our recommendation: A very strict low-carb diet with few carbohydrates and fiber can lead to the health of your microbiome and diversity is disrupted. Instead of depriving your body of fiber, you should put it in, and that's a good amount! 30 grams of fiber per day to be exact. So much is recommended by the DGE for adults. And why? These indigestible carbohydrates get your digestion going and also ensure that you are actually full in the long term. This will provide your body with important nutrients and avoid cravings at the same time! (3)


Not all weight loss products are bad. However, depending on consumption, very many can have harmful, counterproductive effects.
A rule of thumb at the beginning:

  • Headlines like "Lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks" or even "2 kilos off in just 24 hours with this trick" are hooks for dubious suppliers and products. One thing is for sure - if the picture of an obese body is shown next to a very slim one, there is a high probability that this is a case of charlatanism - so it's best to keep your hands off it.
  • You should also keep your hands off substances that have an extreme impact on your body. Some advertise it very openly, with others you have to pay close attention to the ingredients - (a step that we always strongly recommend!) This means, for example, thyroid hormones, insulin, but also stimulants with adrenaline-like substances.
  • Do not buy the product to feed yourself in the long term and solely from it. A balanced, varied diet is essential for a healthy body and metabolism. This includes, for example, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • The extreme withdrawal of food can lead to a so-called yo-yo effect when you resume regular food.


You may be wondering what cholesterol has to do with losing weight and losing weight? So first of all the explanation: Cholesterol is a type of fat that fulfills various functions in the body, for example as a component of bio-membranes or as a component of bile acids and other compounds. Since it is hydrophobic (i.e. not water-soluble), it cannot be transported freely in the blood but must be bound to transport proteins. Too high a concentration of cholesterol is considered a risk factor for diseases. How does cholesterol get into the blood? This is because too much fat in the body causes it to accumulate in depots. However, the body does not need this at all for the daily ration of energy, because it absorbs carbohydrates through food. The excess cholesterol gets into the blood via transporters and can be deposited on the walls of arteries.

Why is high cholesterol (also called hypercholesterolemia) dangerous?

This increases the risk of atherosclerosis: The accumulation of cholesterol in the vascular wall and the associated inflammatory reactions lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. These plaques grow steadily over time, which leads to a narrowing of the vessel lumen (= inside of the vessel where the blood flows through). The plaques can break free and cause a blockage (embolism) in a small vessel that is far away, thereby triggering a heart attack (myocardial infarction).
In general, you can remember that high cholesterol levels mean that the risk of a heart attack, stroke or peripheral arterial disease, PAOD for short, increases (4). This also applies to other diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Above all, lowering the cholesterol level can mean a significant improvement in health!


Research in recent years has made exciting observations about the relationship between gut flora and obesity. In recent studies, the gut microbiota is considered a potential factor in obesity. On the one hand, studies have shown that there is a difference between the microbiota of normal and overweight people, but also a causal connection between dysbiosis (i.e. when the intestinal flora gets out of balance) and various diseases. This also applies to obesity. This shows that obesity does not have to be caused by diet and lack of exercise alone and that a lack of weight loss can also be influenced by the composition of the microbiome.
The good news: Further studies have shown that certain strains of bacteria contribute to weight loss and the breakdown of fat! Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in particular were able to have positive effects here. So why isn't that really reported on yet? The answer is as complex as it is simple: previous studies often have different parameters, which make it difficult to compare them in order to make a consistent statement.
One study covers a period of 2 weeks and another covers a period of 24 weeks. Often neither the nutritional plans nor the physical activity of the subjects were observed. So far, it has hardly been possible to make general statements about the efficiency of bacterial strains. For this reason, no medical recommendations have yet been made regarding dosage and optimal duration of use. Another reason is that the effects of probiotics are very specific depending on the strain and can sometimes differ completely within a species. In short: There is a lot of research, but clear statements are missing...
...until now! Because the latest major clinical studies with the bacterial composition of Dietbacs from mybacs were able to show a significant difference to the placebo for the first time. The innovation shows how well weight loss supported by probiotics can work. It has been proven that the test subjects lost weight, reduced waist size and lowered cholesterol levels, although they did not change anything in their diet or everyday life.

Here you come to the studies:
1) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32144319/
2) https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-78285-3

In conclusion, it can be said: Yes, probiotics and especially synbiotics can help with weight loss. Synbiotics because the prebiotics as "feed" support the probiotics even more in their work. This can further increase the positive effect of the probiotics and helps you and your well-being.


The content of a Dietbacs capsule really does a lot for you: With three different modes of action, it ensures that your fat metabolism really gets going. The 50 are responsible for this.000.000.000 CFU (Colony Building Units) in each capsule that work for your gut flora. By taking Dietbacs, your body increasingly accesses its own fat reserves to produce bile acids. Cholesterol levels are put into a more active state.

  1. Cholesterol contained in food is bound so that the absorption of cholesterol from food is reduced
  2. The existing cholesterol stores are broken down
  3. The cholesterol transporters in the intestinal wall are inhibited so that less cholesterol can be absorbed and distributed in the body

If you keep taking it constantly, you can already feel the first results within 6 months and see a reduction in body weight or waist and hip circumference, for example. In addition, the lowering of cholesterol levels has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system.


Nevertheless, there is so much more to holistic health. Above all, your mental health and physical activity play a central role here. Studies show, for example, that there is a connection between depression and obesity or obesity. obesity exists. This was shown, for example, by a large study in Germany from 2017. Based on the 2350 subjects with obesity, an increased risk of depression and anxiety as well as poorer general health could be demonstrated. (5)


  1. It's no secret that in order to lose weight or Losing fat requires moving the body, and doing it regularly. A workout is not enough. But that doesn't matter at all, because sport can be fun. And sport is not just the treadmill in the gym. Sport can also be a walk around the nearby lake, or a hike to a place you've been wanting to go to with friends for a long time. Even a quick session of dancing to a good playlist burns calories. At this point we can warmly recommend our Spotify Playlist GOOD MOOD. It doesn't matter what kind of activity it is - just try something that suits you and stick with it. It's completely normal for you to have weeks when you have to pull yourself together - but the following applies: perseverance is rewarded!
  2. Which brings us directly to the next point: your own mental attitude. That is the be-all and end-all. If you are mentally fit and convince yourself that you are making this journey for yourself and your well-being and that you can do it, then you will also get through difficult days. Do not concentrate on counting individual calories, but on your long-term goal: your healthy, positive attitude towards life! Meditation exercises, for example, which strengthen your awareness of a healthy, balanced mindset, can help you here.
  3. Your diet is at least as important. Be sure to include a variety of fresh foods in your diet. Home-cooked food is the best way to ensure you're getting enough of the important nutrients you need. It's always good to know about the micro and macronutrients, but even if you're not that deep into the matter, there's a simple motto: "Eat the rainbow" - that means variety on your plate through the different colors create from vegetables and fruits. As a basis for your healthy diet, of course, very important: drink, drink, drink. The rule of thumb here is: You should drink at least 2 liters per day, more if you like! So that you don't lose track of things here, get yourself a large drinking bottle. You don't have to fill them up with water as often, and that can help you remember how many times you've drunk them throughout the day.
  4. probiotics or synbiotics! As mentioned above, synbiotics in particular can have a positive effect on your weight and well-being. Meticulously counting calories, avoiding carbohydrates and focusing on reducing water retention are no longer the only options for you. With a healthy portion of exercise, you can notice changes after just a few months. Would you like to try this out? Then we recommend the DIETBACS from mybacs. You have already read above how they work - click here for the product!
  5. Create a routine that includes these four components. Losing weight for the long term and keeping it off is what matters. Plan your week in small chunks ahead of time and determine when you want to exercise, when you want to (pre)cook, when you want to do your mental health exercises, and choose your appropriate synbiotic.

8. Closing words

In conclusion, it can be said that the golden mean for healthy weight loss lies in a mix of all these components: sufficient exercise and sport, a healthy mentality as well as nutrition and a balanced intestinal flora, ideally supported by synbiotics such as Dietbacs. This also includes realistic expectations of your body and what you can achieve or want to achieve in a certain period of time. It is important that you always treat yourself and your body with love and patience - that sounds simple, but it is sometimes more difficult than you think. We wish you a lot of joy, perseverance and success on your personal journey to your healthy self!
Your mybacs team☺


Studies on which the Dietbacs are based:

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