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Initial aggravation when taking probiotics

Dr. Adrian Weingart

Initial aggravation when taking probiotics

Do you feel uncomfortable taking probiotics? In rare cases, taking probiotics can lead to an initial aggravation. However, this is nothing negative. In the case of an initial worsening, existing symptoms worsen for a short time or new symptoms appear before there is an improvement in the state of health. The cause of an initial aggravation is often that the body's own detoxification is promoted and large amounts of metabolic waste products are now produced. This puts a strain on the organism and leads to an initial aggravation.
In the following post, you'll learn more about the flare-up and its symptoms, its context with the skin, how long it might last, and how probiotics can help prevent a flare-up.

Symptoms of an initial aggravation of probiotics

Symptoms that can occur with initial aggravation from probiotics include:
  • bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Clogs
However, after a few days or weeks, these symptoms should subside and disappear. Here it is important that you observe the symptoms closely and pay attention to whether there are any external factors that play a role in the discomfort.
We recommend, for example, keeping a symptom diary and writing down exactly what new symptoms have arisen since taking the probiotics.This allows you to see how the symptoms are behaving, what triggers them and whether they are improving over a longer period of time.
Initial aggravation in the context of the skin
The skin is often a point where an initial aggravation from taking probiotics may be visible. You may have heard that the skin is the mirror of the gut. It's the same here! If there is an initial aggravation, your skin may reflect it.
If you want to know more about the connection between skin and gut, have a look at our "The gut-skin axis" article.

Duration of an initial aggravation of probiotics

The symptoms usually don't last longer than a few days or weeks. After that they should have settled down again. The intestinal flora has been regulated by the probiotic strains and the desired balance of the different bacterial strains within the intestinal flora now prevails.
If symptoms persist for more than two weeks, we recommend reducing the dose. If you tolerate the small amount of the dose well, you can gradually increase back to the recommended dosage. Simply open the capsule and add half to a glass of water and drink it quickly.
If symptoms are still present after weeks and the reduction in dose, it is no longer an initial aggravation but an intolerance to the product ingested. We advise you to stop taking the product.

Quality differences in probiotics

It is important to realize that when talking about probiotics, not all probiotics are created equal. Each manufacturer puts their own formula on the market with certain different strains of bacteria. Each bacterial strain has its own individual properties and effects, and combining it with other bacterial strains results in new properties. This means that every probiotic product is different.
Dailybacs uses 11 bacterial strains with a total of 60 billion CFUs (=colony forming units). In addition, our products are produced in the EU. It is particularly advantageous that all strains of bacteria, and not just the genus, are explicitly named here, which means that there is total transparency as to what is contained in our products.

If you have any questions or need more detailed advice, you can always contact our customer service at wend and talk to our founder and doctor Dr. Exchange Adrian Weingart. We're always happy to help.

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