Dein Darm und eine Fastenkur

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Fasting cure for your intestines - everything you should know beforehand

Dr. Adrian Weingart

Fasting cure for your intestines - everything you should know beforehand

3 tips for preparing the intestines for a fasting cure

Why is fasting so popular right now?

Basically, fasting cures have been around for centuries and have been practiced for both spiritual and health reasons. Otto Buchinger, the founder of therapeutic fasting himself, also called the practice the “diet of the soul”: going without food for a certain period of time can positively influence the organism in many different ways.

Our modern way of life is being criticized: more and more people are eating the wrong food for their needs, are under too much stress, sleep and exercise far too little. The consequences? A changed microbiome, chronically increased stress levels, obesity, weak immune system and and and

Long story short: Many of us endanger our health with our lifestyle. A Juice Cleanse helps to slow down everyday life and to distance yourself from daily habits. We learn to reflect on what is good for us and which things we should rather reduce. A good example of a juice cleanse is Frank Juice. Frank Juice not only offers numerous different fasting cures for all needs, but also provides every newcomer with a detailed guide with tips and tricks. What's more, the cold-pressed juices and organic soups are really tasty and only consist of natural ingredients! What more do you want? You can easily feed your body your daily load of fruit and vegetables every day! Here you can take a look at the five-day medium juice cure from their range!

What exactly happens during a fast?

During a fasting period, you avoid solid food and only consume a greatly reduced amount of energy in the form of juices, soups and broths. This relieves your digestion and gives your body the opportunity to break down and utilize existing cell components. Although these recycling processes also happen in principle without a cure, they take place on a much larger scale during the process. With the right preparation, you can prepare yourself mentally and physically for the upcoming juice fast, making the fast itself much easier.

In the following, we will give you three tips for your "relief days" on how you can best prepare yourself and, above all, your intestines for your juice cleanse.

Three tips for the relief days before a fasting cure

  1. Change your diet before your cycle! First things first! Your diet before your fast is the best way to prepare your digestive tract for the time ahead. How much you change your diet and when you should start your fasting preparation depends on what your meals have been like so far and how long you want to do your cleanse. A rough guideline is 2 to 5 days before the start of your multi-day fasting cure. Switch your nutrition plan to plant-based products as much as possible and avoid heavily processed foods. The closer you are to your fasting period, the more space the vegetables should take up on your plate. The form of preparation is also crucial: Use little fat and steam it in the pan or prepare oven-roasted vegetables. Cooked is preferable to raw because it is easier to digest. You simply replace your morning muesli or your roll with jam with oatmeal porridge with toppings of your choice! This keeps you full for a long time, is easy to digest and contains high-quality fiber and micronutrients. Last but not least: Many also swear by the complete emptying of the intestines using Glauber's salt or an enema directly before the cure. This is due to the fact that intestinal activity is reduced during fasting. If there are still food residues in the intestines, they literally stay where they are. If you choose a Frank Juice fasting cure, you regularly consume cold-pressed juices, organic soups or vegetable broths. If you move towards it, fasting works even without induced defecation.
  2. Prepare those around you for your Lent! If you are a loyal reader of our blog, you already know that stress can have a significant impact on your gut. Experience has shown that stress before fasting arises when the social environment criticizes one's own project or even wants to prevent it. Most of the time they have never dealt with fasting and are simply worried about whether it will do you any good. Therefore, explain to your close circle of family and friends in good time what your fasting period is all about. This way you prevent stress and you can maybe even convince them to fast with you! In addition, you can prepare your own four walls for your Lent. Plan your final meals carefully so that you don't start out with leftovers and don't have to throw away food. You can then come back to fresh food to break the fast. Sweets are dangerous too: in moments of weakness you might not be able to resist your favorite chocolate.better give them to your friends!
  3. Plan your free time! Have you ever thought about how long you spend eating every day? Planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking, washing dishes.there accumulate many minutes! All of that is now gone during your fasting cure. Instead, think about great activities that you want to tackle specifically during your cure and write yourself a to-do list. How about updating the photo album and finally sticking in the pictures from your last vacation? Reading a new book that has been waiting for you on your shelf for ages? Start a new podcast? Paying a visit to the nearby forest again? arrange a relaxed yoga session with your best friend? So you see: you have many options for making your fasting period as pleasant as possible. But think about it in advance, because as with nutrition, preparation is key!

Can I take my Dailybacs during the juice cleanse?

Yes, you should also take your Dailybacs during your fasting cure! Scientists were able to find out that probiotics exert their effect predominantly as transient bacteria. Transient means that they do not settle permanently in your intestines, but only migrate through it and are excreted again. Therefore continuous intake is very important! In addition, you can support your fasting cure with the help of mybacs AddOns! While "Good Mood" contains ashwagandha, saffron extract and vitamin B12 and can lift your spirits, you push your metabolism and your immune system with "Inner Power". “Radiant Glow” contains hyaluronic acid, biotin and antioxidants from blueberry extract for your beauty from within!

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