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Enjoy the Christmas season sustainably

Dr. Adrian Weingart

Enjoy the Christmas season sustainably

Tips for Christmas that also make Mother Nature happy :)

“As a present, in the present, practice presence”

Christmas is the celebration of love and family - of course, gifts should not be missing to express the appreciation of loved ones. Unfortunately, a very special family member is often forgotten - namely Mother Earth. The festival of love has mutated into a festival of consumption in recent years: crumpled wrapping paper, plastic waste and enormous food waste. The list goes on... At Christmas we produce about 20% more waste than during the rest of the year. Even the garbage collectors have to work extra shifts during the holidays! On average, 8,000 tons of packaging waste are generated on Christmas Eve in Germany. In addition, food waste is increasing, which normally already occurs at 6.7 million tons per year.

With a little more mindfulness during the contemplative days, this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. What is certain is that the Christmas season is a special time when we should do nothing but enjoy the beautiful moments with our loved ones in the here and now! Christmas is a time when you can really let go, free yourself from the other restrictions and disciplines - maybe feast on something unhealthy here and there or treat yourself to an extra glass. That's exactly how it should be - after all, enjoying the time with family and friends to the full is the point of the spectacle! Nothing should really be forced during the Christmas season and that also applies to the topic of sustainability. An environmentally conscious party requires some preparatory work, but it is absolutely doable and requires no additional stress.

We have listed the ultimate tips and tricks for you that are guaranteed to give our planet a smile:

1. Reusable wrapping paper
For example, give your loved ones your gifts in a cool reusable bag, which also becomes part of the gift. You could also use materials already available around the house, such as newspaper or magazine pages. This can also give the gift a very special touch ;) Smaller per tip: keep paper gift bags and reuse them to give away. How often does it happen that you don't have the right packaging in stock and the shops may have already closed or you just don't feel like going out again? Such a second-hand collection definitely comes in handy.

2. Shop local and ethical
Tradition is a beautiful thing that connects generations after generations, but it may not align with the desired sustainability and morality. There is often a lot of meat on the plate - roast beef, foie gras, roast duck and the typical Christmas goose. Rethinking the feast doesn't necessarily have to break with such a tradition. In any case, care should be taken to ensure that the meat is of high quality and preferably comes from a local dealer (this also applies to vegetables). The feast is something special and not only the moment with family and friends counts, but also what you consume! Not only your family members are guaranteed to be happy about high-quality and regional products, you are also doing something good for the local dealers.

3. Second-hand and vintage items
Used does not necessarily mean useless - there are also things that deserve a 3rd, 4th, 5th chance and even more! Many hidden treasures are still waiting for the chance of a "new life". Such gifts can be even more special and unique than things found in department store windows. A cool second-hand find can be much more personal, is sometimes cheaper and at the same time a gift for the environment - long live the "circular economy"! It is also a lot of fun to rummage around in huge mountains and then discover something beautiful in them. Almost like a little adrenaline rush!

4. decoration? Go Green!
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if it weren't teeming with twinkling fairy lights, glitter and Christmas trees. Of course, the kitschy plastic Santa Clauses, deer and other figures should not be missing! But why not reach for the green more? There's nothing like the scent of fresh cinnamon and pine to brighten up your home. Not only does it look wonderful, it also reduces unnecessary plastic waste enormously! Candles are also a great environmentally friendly alternative to create an even cozier festive atmosphere - although a little caution is of course required here. Ultimately, of course, there is nothing wrong with the well-known plastic Christmas figures if you store them in the basement after use and use them again next year!

5. DIY - Homemade Touch
Awaken your inner handyman, artist, chemist or writer. Who says you need an education or a doctorate to lend a hand yourself? Let yourself be inspired by your surroundings and conjure up something for your loved ones that has sprung from your own creativity and comes from the bottom of your heart! Need food for thought? How about a painting, a poem or a homemade lip scrub made from coconut oil, (brown) sugar and honey. A DIY lip scrub is not only useful, it also leaves a wonderful taste, without any chemicals - it couldn't be sweeter or more sustainable! :)

6. Time
Just give away time in a classic way - because what is more valuable and ephemeral than time? Time costs nothing in the direct sense and with a special activity together with a friend, girlfriend or family member, you definitely won't waste your time! Of course, it is important to really follow up on this gift and not just give an empty promise! ;)

7. Giving Mother Nature
For example with a tree planted through an organization like Treedom. To plant yourself on the balcony or in the garden, there is of course always the option of giving away seeds. Spread the green love and give Mother Nature and your loved ones some Christmas cheer!

8. No surprises!
Yes, we have to admit, this is the least exciting tip, but it actually makes everyone involved happy: the giver, the recipient and our environment. Surprises can sometimes lead to missteps and that being said, not everyone likes surprises. Therefore, in some cases it can make sense to give exactly what the person needs or wants. Perhaps the person comments on a special wish. You avoid things piling up uselessly in the apartment and never being used. Of course, the magic can be lost a bit here, but it's definitely not a wrong approach.

9. Dailybacs Gift Box
Give the gift of health to your loved ones. With the Dailybacs gift box for men and women, your gift is not only super personal, but also provides your loved ones with 3 whole months of happiness and health - and of course sustainability is not neglected in the production and packaging! This gift is not only good for the body ecosystem, but also for our planet.

We wish you a wonderful Advent season and a peaceful Christmas. Enjoy it to the fullest, but don't forget that you should also include our mother earth. Especially at these times it is of great importance to support small, local traders and shops.
With a clear conscience, Christmas can be enjoyed even better. In this sense:


Your mybacs team

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