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Vegan diet - basics

Dr. Adrian Weingart

Vegan diet - basics

We at mybacs have been dealing with nutrition since day 1 and also consider different diets. Today we want to give you a brief, informative overview of the veganism model. Are you considering switching to a vegan diet or are you already doing so, but have not yet dealt too much with nutrients in general? Then please read the article to the end, in the last section an important hint awaits you!

1. Vegan Diet Basics

The vegan diet model has become much more popular in recent years and has become the focus of scientific research and the media. In contrast to vegetarianism, the meatless diet, veganism means not eating any animal products, including eggs and milk, for example.In direct comparison to 2016, the proportion of vegans in Germany has increased by 41%.In 2020, the number of vegans here was 1.13 million.

2. Effect on economy and society

This increase is also noticeable in the economy: the global value of the market for plant-based foods is now EUR 36 billion. US dollar, there is no end in sight to the growth. In Germany, the renunciation of animal-based foods is in addition to general animal welfare, especially in connection with the desire to make a contribution to ecological sustainability. On average, a German produces eleven tons of greenhouse gases such as CO2 per capita per year. With a vegan diet, this value is reduced to nine tons per year, since the climate balance in the production of plant-based foods is lower than in the production of animal products.

3. What effect does a vegan diet have on my health?

Another reason many people give is that they want to do something good for their health and general well-being. But what positive influence does a vegan diet actually have on our health? Scientific studies show that a purely plant-based diet can have positive effects on our health, especially on variables such as blood pressure or body weight. In addition, a vegan diet is rich in fiber, antioxidant substances, magnesium and a variety of vitamins. A vegan diet contributes to the fact that the intestinal bacteria are supported with natural nutrients and that there is an increased positive effect on their function. Consequently, the risk of metabolic diseases can be reduced. In addition, a healthy gut microbiome reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases.Evidence indicates that plant-based diets may be associated with a reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and cancer. A high consumption of red meat and foods high in sugar and salt can increase the risk of developing the disease. The vitamins and fibers contained in fruit and vegetables support the immune system, so that it is able to counteract the development of cancer.
Nevertheless, the vegan diet is also reaching its limits. The diet trend is a privilege because it comes with high financial expenses. Vegan (meat substitute) foods are mostly organic and sustainably produced and are therefore often more expensive to buy than conventional foods such as dairy and meat products. However, a slow improvement can be seen here due to the growing market.

4. Which nutrients you should pay attention to when you eat vegan.

What should be kept in mind with a vegan diet is the balance of important nutrients by eliminating all foods of animal origin. Temporary nutrient deficiencies of iron or vitamin D, for example, can occur. They often express themselves as tired and listless. To prevent this, you can use high-quality dietary supplements to maintain them.
The Vegan Support from mybacs contains many important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D3, calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Due to the selected composition, based on scientific studies, a vegan diet can be ideally supported. Diet is one of the strongest factors influencing a healthy gut. The majority of studies prove that a plant-based diet offers the best conditions for a healthy microbiome. We recommend that anyone considering a vegan diet first do some serious research and get an overview of the essential nutrients that need to be obtained from new sources.
We hope we were able to give you some exciting basic facts about vegan nutrition. If you would like to learn more about gut health in general, you will find many more exciting articles in our collection: https://mybacs.com/blogs/mybacs

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